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About Chantre

About Chantre Kitchens & Baths

Chantre Kitchens and Baths was created in 2018, after the owner Leo Chantre, decided to separate his kitchen and bath cabinetry business from his countertop business at Stone Projects. Stone Projects has been well known for natural stones and countertop installations since 2006.

The creation of Chantre Kitchens and Baths enables us to focus on our goal of providing the highest level of customer service, quality and value to our kitchen and bath remodeling customers. At Chantre Kitchens and Baths we take the time to educate our customers about the multitudes of products available, so they can make good decisions on their projects.

The 12 years of experience in the construction industry has provided Chantre kitchens and Baths the experience and knowledge to position themselves as a premier kitchen and bath design and installation company.  Knowledge of the industry, associated with fine cabinetry differentiates our company from our competition. Cabinetry and countertops is what we know best.

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400 West Cummings Park Suite 1975 Woburn, MA 01801

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400 West Cummings Park Suite 1975
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